A Tribute to
"Grand Champion Codycats D'Artanagan"

GRC Codycats D'Artanagan is our fabulous Massive Gentle Giant MC Sire here at Codycats MC's home/cattery. He is a wonderful cat with many endearing qualities. He has given us many Healthy, Typey, Large, Gentle kittens. He will remain here with our family forever as our beloved pet.                                                    

GRC Codycats D'Artanagan's Sire and Dam.

Sire: GRC Seascape Sovereign of Codycats

Dam: CH Codycats Tasha Tudor


BEST MC Kitten in the NE REGN in 2002-03
Golden brown Cl. Tabby Male now Altered 

QGC Codycats Sterling ZEUS
Silver Cl. Tabby Breeder/Show Male
Sire of : QGC/RW Codycats Madeline
and QGC Codycats Van Helsing

Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly 

16th BEST LH Cat 
Warm Brwn Cl. Tabby Breeding Male

QGCA Codycats Dumbledore of Mainetales             DRk. Brwn Cl. Tabby Male Alter


CH Codycats Duchess of Blackhorn
Silver Classic tabby Female
DOB 05-22-04
Sire: Codycats Led Zeppelin
Dam: Blackhorn Tahari of Codycats
Screened Clear of HCM

QGC/RW Codycats Madeline of Mainetales 
Best Female MC Kitten in NE REGN '03-'04
 Brown Cl. Torbie Breeder/Show Female
Screened Clear of HCM

QGC, RW Codycats Van Helsing of Blackhorn 
Red Classic Tabby Breeder/Show Male
Screened Clear of HCM

Grandson & Son of TICA/GRC Codycats D'Artanagan

Grandson: TICA/RW, CFA/GRC
Dracoonfly Same Thing Murray

Son: SGC/RW, GRC/RW Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly