Codycats Maine Coons Breeding Stunning,
Loving and Large MC’s for 35 years.


Kittens available to homes upon approval only, with signed contract agreement

If you are interested in a Kitten from Codycats Maine Coons , please contact us for kitten availability. To inquire about litters due please email or phone us. Our intent is to home raise healthy, beautiful, well-socialized kittens. Whether they become showcats or beloved pets. Kittens are sold by reservation and deposit to approved homes.

10/30/10 - We participate in their Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) study (see below).  We're happy to report that all of our breeding cats continue to have normal healthy hearts.  While no breeder can guarantee with 100% certainty that HCM won't present itself in their cats, heart ultrasounds are still the best way of screening for this disease.  

8/17/10 - Tufts University is conducting a study on the effects of nutrition on heart disease in the Maine Coon.  If you have a Maine Coon over the age of two years, you may be eligible to participate. Cats can be with or without known heart disease.  Owners must be willing to bring their cat to Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, MA for a single 1-2 hour visit.   This includes registration, examination, echocardiogram, x-ray, blood pressure, and blood tests (including DNA testing for MYBPC3 mutation).  This is an incredible value both in what the client is getting for free and the benefit to the Maine Coon breed as a whole.   Hopefully, all Maine Coon breeders in the area will participate, but pet owners of Maine Coons are encouraged to take part also.

S O M E    L O V E L Y    R I B B O N S    W O N    B Y    C O D Y C A T S

Codycats Spirit of Nashoba ( NASH)

Sire : Codycats Augustus Kingsley
Dam : Coonplay Magical of Codycatss
Black Smoke Male

Incredible Boy!

 CFA/GC Karmacoons Chocolate Mousse

Dam: CH Codycats Mystique of Karmacoons
Sire: CH Regalcoons Sir Felix of Karmacoons
Golden Brown Classic Tabby w White

TICA SGCA RW Codycats Electra Grace

Now Showing 2013
CFA CH Codycats Shiloh

CFA/GC Karmacoons Armani
Dam Fabulous: CH Codycats Captiva
Incredible Massive Black Silver Classic Tabby Male
Armani being hoisted up by CFA All Breed Judge Walter Hutzler

Champion Codycats Isadora

Dam : Fabulous CH Codycats Jagger
Black SilverClassic Tabby
N/N HCM mutation

ALL NEW SHOW kittens are NEG for the HCM Mutation


Karmacoons Maximus D.M. of Codycats

Grandson of Fabulous CH Codycats Mystique
Incredible Red Classic Tabby Male Kitten

CH Codycats Mystique of Karmacoons


CFA/GC Karmacoons Chocolate Mousse


Dam of CH Karmacoons Cyrus

CH Karmacoons Cyrus
Silver classic tabby with white


CFA/GC Karmacoons Armani’s mother
Fabulous black silver classic!
CH Codycats Captiva


Codycats Madalion of Karmacoons
Gorgeous Brown Classic Tabby
Dam of Karmacoons Isadora

RW CFA/GC Retablo Juan Diego 


G R A N D   N E W S


Codycats MC's is Proud to announce our
Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly !!!


RW/CFA/GC, RW/SGC Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly
SIRE of these titled offspring listed 2004-2009:

1. CFA/RW/GC/GP, TICA /RW/CH Dracoonfly Same Thing Murray
2. CFA/GC, TICA/RW/SGC Dracoonfly Crystal Bugger
3. CFA/GP Dracoonfly Quill Gordon
4. CFA/GP, TICA/ IW/RW/SGCA, CFF/RW/ GCA, Dracoonfly Finbar Conneff
5. CFA/GP, TICA,RW/SGCA Dracoonfly Red Barron von Berger
6. TICA/GC Dracoonfly Madam X
7. TICA/ RW /SGC Dracoonfly Kachina Doll of Mainevu
8. TICA/ DGC Dracoonfly Flying Ace Emerger

Fantastic Sire- QGC, RW Codycats Van Helsing of CFA/GC Retablo Juan Diego

Sire: QGC , RW Codycats Sterling Zeus
Dam: Codycats Diamond Roux
Red Classic Male
Breeder: Maryrose Sanchez
Owner: Linda & David Browning

TICA MA Regional Award Winner 2004-05
19th Best Allbreed Kitten
Best Red Classic Tabby


11/17/10 - TICA/SGC/RW & CFA/GC/RW Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly's print advertisement for Arm & Hammer Cat Litter is out! The photo shoot was in June and now Hendrickson is the back cover of the January 2011 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine.  He is the son of GC/RW Codycats D'Artangan xox!!!

A V A I L A B L E    A D U L T S

Placing retired adults is much harder than placing kittens.  We become very attached to our cats over the course of their breeding or showing careers. People ask how we can bear to part with them. The answer is that we love them so much that we want them to go to a loving home where they will be the center of attention, the “star” of the show.   We know our cats’ personalities, needs, and quirks so it becomes crucial that we find the perfect home so it will be forever.  We’ll ask a lot of questions and take our time in deciding if we’ve found the right match.  We do this to ensure that our cats do not have to go through the confusion of being re-homed more than once.  If you feel that your lifestyle and home would be more suited to an adult than a young kitten, I would be eager to discuss with you the placement of one of our available retirees. 

At this time we have retired MC 's available. Please contact with us for details.