These cats have made such a significant impact at Codycats Maine Coons that we feel they deserve to be showcased on our  Gallery.

Bodacious Goodness Gris of Codycats

Supreme Grand Champion, International Winner,
CFA Champion

Blackhorn DynaStar of Codycats

Silver Classic Tabby Female
Negative for the HCM DNA Mutation

Codycats Amadeus
Sire: CH Codycats Rolls Royce Merlin
Dam: Dotcom Minerva of Codycats
Golden Brown Mackerel Tabby
PK Def N/N 

CH Codycats Rolls Royce Merlin

Sire: QGC Codycats Sterling Zeus
Dam: CH Blackhorn Dynastar of Codycats 
Black Silver Classic Tabby 
Screened Clear of HCM PK Def N/N 

Karmacoons Aslan of Codycats

Black Brown Mackerel Tabby Breeding Male
(screened clear of HCM @ 3 yrs old)
Sire: CH Belushies Vladimir of Regalcoons
(Screened clear of HCM @ 5 yrs old)
Dam: CH Regalcoons Adorabelle of Karmacoon
(screened clear of HCM @ 3 yrs old)

Regalcoons Gabriella of Codycats

Solid Black
CH Darth Vader Von Sternenjuwel
(Screened clear of HCM @ 7 yrs old)
CH Belushie Valpolicello
(Screened clear of HCM @ 2 yrs old)

Champion Codycats Fabienne

QGC Codycats Sovereign
SGC /RW Codycats E. Grace

Littermates to GRC/RW Codycats D'Artanagan

Dotcom Minerva of Codycats 

Silver Mackerel Female
Negative for the HCM DNA Mutation

Adventhill Polaris of Codycats

Blue Classic Tabby Female
Dam of QGC, RW Codycats Nashoba


Codycats Nashoba of Quinsigamond 

TICA's Best Solid Blue in 2000 
2nd Best Maine Coon Cat in NE REGN
9th Best Allbreed Cat in NE REGN
Bred by Maryrose Sanchez

Codycats Tasha Tudor

Dam of GRC, RW Codycats D'Artanagan

Coonplay Crossfire of Codycats

Red Silver Classic Tabby

Thank you Laura Tipton for my gorgeous boy!

Karmacoons Machias of Codycats

Sire: CH Arbor Vitae Chapman of Karmacoons
Dam: Codycats Argentine of Karmacoons
Black Silver Classic Tabby

Codycats Ariel-Calyx

Sire: Augustus Sir Charlton
Dam: Blackhorn Aloria of Codycats
Red Classic Tabby

SGCA,RW Codycats Electra Grace
QGCA Codycats Sovereign T Joey Adonis

Residing with Wendy & Roy Terrell in TX.
Photo taken at 6 yrs old on July 5th.