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Successfully breeding beautiful Maine Coons for 35 years!

HOME of Supreme Grand Champions and Regional
 & International Award Winning Maine Coon Cats.

2011 was my Silver Jubilee!

Codycats Augustus Kingsley

Codycats Sir Albert

Stunning, Loving, with Massive Size...

Maine Coon Kittens/Cats Available to Approved Homes by Reservation for Pet, Breeder or Show Quality. 

Selectively Breeding Healthy Maine Coons Since 1986.

Successfully Producing Top Show Quality Maine Coons. Screening Our Breeders CLEAR for HCM. ALL breeding cats are Negative for the HCM DNA MYBCP3 Mutation.

Awarded the CFA Cattery of Excellence,
TICA Outstanding Cattery, and TICA Responsible Breeder Program since inception of these programs.

Active Breeder Member UMCCA.

Breeder/Owner Maryrose Sanchez
QGC, RW Codycats Sterling Zeus

Hello Maine Coon Fancier,

CODYCATS Maine Coons was established in 1986 for the protection and preservation of the beloved Maine Coon Cat. We have been successfully and selectively breeding for over 30 years. We sell to approved homes by reservation and deposit.

CODYCATS kittens are affectionate, intelligent, and beautiful. They are sired by SGC/GRC RW, IW Maine Coons. Our cats are free from Feline Leuk., FIV, FIP, parasites & rabies. We screen our cats for HCM, PL, PKD, PK def & SMA. We are a closed cattery and own/show our breeders. This prevents disease and provides a controlled healthy environment for our Maine Coons. We sell quality kittens with massive size.

We do not mass produce or cage. Kittens are handled and raised in our loving home thus producing well socialized kittens. Each and every kitten/cat we breed receives special attention and care.

Our vet does house calls and each kitten receives their 1st FCVR immunization and a written vet health certificate before they go to their new approved home. Each kitten leaves here when agreed ready, by us and our vet. This is around 11-12 weeks of age, depending if the kitten is fully weaned, is litter box trained, eating solid food & uses a scratching post. We email each new owner a list of supplies the kitten will need for a smooth transition. 

A written signed contract between breeder & buyer states NEVER to declaw, (Please take time to read this article on declawing: INDOOR pet only, and a spay/neuter agreement at 6-7 months of age. 

If you are serious about one or two of our special MC's please contact us for more details. We do not ship our kittens or cats. We do not sell sight unseen.

*** We presently are taking non-refundable deposits for reservations on litters due/born from approved homes.

*** We only sell breeders to established reputable Maine Coon breeders who we have investigated & approved of in advance of sale.

Codycats Maine Coons breeds for these colors Silvers, Blues, Browns, Reds, Mackerel tabbies with and with out white, Classic tabbies with and without white, Shaded Silver, and Smokes. Also solid Black and Blue.

Disclaimer: Screening for HCM is currently the recommended method to aid in reducing the incidence of this condition in our cats. Breeders can not guarantee that their cats will not develop this condition. However, Codycats can guarantee that we are dedicated to screening our breeders in a continued effort to produce healthy and sound Maine Coons to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your interest in our special Maine Coons. 

Headbutts & Purrs, CODYCATS Maine Coons

Maryrose Sanchez

Located in Marshfield Hills, Mass. USA
Phone: 1-781-834-6567

QGCA Codycats Sovereign T Joey Adonis